Hello, I'm Dana!

Dana works internationally as a Certified Psychic Medium and Certified Spiritual Advisor Life Coach. Dana was one of twenty students to be handpicked to be trained by well renowned Psychic Medium, Lisa Williams. Dana was tested in Lilydale, NY, and is now certified by LWISSD (Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development). Dana has also worked with Spiritual Mediums and Teachers, Mavis Pittilla, James Van Praagh and more…

Dana has always had the ability to connect with Spirit when she was growing up in her small town in England. She did not always understand what she was experiencing as a child but over time she began to recognize what her gifts meant. After many years of working with clients and their needs, Dana created The International School for Spiritual and Metaphysical Development, where individuals can find classes on Intuitive, Psychic, Mediumship and Personal Development. She believes that everyone has the ability to connect to their own gifts and so creates the space in which we all have the ability to learn.

Dana is also a Spirit Junkie with best-selling author Gabby Bernstein and has gone through training with James Van Praagh to  become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach. Dana’s personal story of Narcissistic Abuse and other struggles within her life led her to pursue a deeper practice within her own HEALING. 

Dana is now the proud creator of THE DEEP DIVE PROGRAM, which is a 10-week deep dive into one’s own personal healing journey. The program ultimately brings the student to major MANIFESTATION and TRANSFORMATION. Be on the look out for Dana’s upcoming fictional books as well as her Deep Dive Journal.





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“This is a very part of me. Everyone has a certain level of ability and it is merely a choice whether or not we all want to tap into this natural connection. We are all part of God Source Energy and it is your right to develop and understand the wisdom that you naturally inherit before you are even born. We are all of light and we are free to be one with all source at any given time.” 

– Dana