As an Evidential Psychic Medium, Dana will bring forth evidence of your loved ones in the spirit world, guidance within your life path, as well as bring reasurance that there is more beyond this world than what we may know.

Dana will go into great detail within both Psychic and Spirit Mediumship Readngs, so know that you are in safe hands. Dana has been in service for many years and has been studying with world-renowned Teachers in the field of Spiritual Development.


A Spirit Reading is where a Medium communicates with those in the Afterlife. Dana never know’s who will come through to communicate so please keep an open heart and mind so as to allow those that have passed an opportunity to connect with you.

This Reading is best for those that wish to communicate with those that have crossed over into Heaven

If you’re here then you may be ready to take that step in communicating with your loved ones. Speaking to those in HEAVEN continues to teach me so much about life. It is my greatest joy to assist in bringing peace and healing to you on your journey, as well as hopefully close a chapter that is ready to HEAL.

Talking to Spirit is a blessing that is incredibly humbling and so I am happy to serve you and bring PEACE TO YOUR HEART SPACE.

Psychic Readings

A Psychic Reading is where the Psychic will communicate with your Spirit Guides, tap into your aura and be able to receive information regarding your past, present and future. Dana will discuss every area and subject of your life to assist you in healing and moving forward in your life. 

This type of Reading is best for those that have questions and need guidance surrounding their life.

My practice of giving Psychic Readings is always for your HIGHEST AND HEALING GOOD. I’m a straight shooter and I’m ready to guide you to create a more joyful life. Let’s go into your past, your present and your future and let’s begin to clear your path. 

And if you’re truly ready, I’ll coach you into a greater LEAP OF CHANGE!

Phone Reading & Video Conference Readings

There is always the question of how will your appointment work if the reading is by phone, or online.

Choosing an out of office appointment makes no difference to your reading. How Psychic and Mediums work is through the connection to energy and spirit so distance has no effect on your reading. Know that
your virtual Reading will be as impactful as your in-person appointment.


1. Set the intention for your reading before you have arrived for your appointment. Dana will open up and meditate on your intention without knowing specifics before your arrival, so relax knowing that your session is being handled with the greatest intention for your highest and healing good.

2. Before your Spirit Communication Reading, you can strengthen the session by inviting, or saying a prayer to the person with whom you are trying to connect to. Spirit always listens!

3. Please arrive promptly for your session but don’t rush, it is helpful if you are in a relaxed state, if you need help with directions Dana will be glad to assist you, simply let us know if you are having any issues for your upcoming appointment.

4. Please make sure that if you are having an in-person reading that you keep your phone off or on silent however, you may use it to record the session.

5. All readings are recorded and sent out via email at a later date but you are also welcome to bring your own recording device and you are welcome to take notes during your reading.

6. Dana cannot promise to connect to those loved ones you have invited, the strongest communicator in Spirit will be the loved one who comes through in that session, so expect the unexpected. Dana simply channels all information that is given by spirit, and therefore does not control who comes through to communicate with you in your reading.

7. Be open without expectation, sometimes you may want to hear something specific but instead you are taken on a different journey. Allow yourself to enjoy the Reading and allow your time to be of the value that it is. “We are all vessels connected to the divine, so please be open to receive with an open heart.”- Dana Preshous.

8. Know that some information may make more sense to you at a later date, especially within a Psychic Reading.

9. All private Readings are for only one or two people. No surprise guests! We have groups sessions available.

10. It’s okay to be nervous, it’s normal and Dana will make sure to make you feel comfortable before the Reading starts. Just allow your heart to open!