Life coaching

DEEP DIVE Mindset & Manifestation Life Coaching

Are you holding back? If so, why? Now’s not the time to stay stagnant, instead it’s time to embrace who you are!

Allow me to guide you into a life that you want. I am here to share divine knowledge and guidance to assist your life path. There are always more versions of ourselves that we dismiss due to what life throws our way. It’s easy to forget what our PASSION and PURPOSE is when those distractions and adversities of life stop us in our tracks. Life is tough! We can’t sugar coat it but we can change how we respond to it. All you need to do is commit to the practice of working towards your DESIRES, your GOALS and commit to walking through the necessary doors that are WAITING FOR YOU! 

Get ready to start your journey. Take  my hand and surrender into divine guidance with me and your Spirit Guides. Let this life be your best life and allow it to grow in ABUNDANCE. Allow me to give you the compass and the faith in Spirit to assist you. 

If you’re ready to change what’s not working in your life and you’re ready MANIFEST what can be, then it’s simple, click the link!

Choose between the two options below.


The Deep Dive

With The Deep Dive Sessions you will have an opportunity to chose a package that is best suited to your needs. By choosing a coaching package you will receive weekly Intuitive guidance from me personally. You will learn how to heal your wounds. You will learn how to let go of your past and move forward. You will find the confidence within self to create the life you want. I will work closely with you and spirit to assist you in finding your path. You will be given a plan of action to get started in creating your new life. Each week we will work on elevating you to a place of attraction. Instead of being in the same old cycle of life, you will be able to leap into greater levels of healing and abundance. We will work on those triggers caused by any adversities you met along the way and we will heal to manifest. You must be ready to take action. You are in the drivers seat and I am here to give you all the tools. I will make you accountable for all actions, so be ready.

Be ready to claim back your soul self.

Single Session

$170 per session

The first option in The Big Leap is a single session. This option is great if you are just needing a little guidance to get you started. By choosing a single session you get to see if working with me is the right fit for you. There is no commitment with this plan as it’s just one-hour of allowing me to show you what is possible. It is very similar to how I conduct a Psychic Reading except, you get to discuss what your needs and desires are, and I’ll show you what is needed to start moving forward.

Meetings will be scheduled on a weekly basis dependant upon payment plan.

4 Weeks


This second option is a 4-week package designed to really get closer to working on any blocks that you may have. Every week we get closer to working on your manifestation goals that are achievable within the time period. This is a great package if you have a short-term goal to accomplish. I will be assisting you in creating the steps and actions necessary to getting you started. You will have 4-weeks to follow through with all the guidance given. Your practice is important and so you will have me to make you accountable for all the steps you are taking. Allow me to give you this 4-week boost and begin your journey forward into a greater you.

Meetings will be scheduled on a weekly basis dependant upon payment plan.

8 Weeks


his third option is a 8-week package that is literally a Big Leap! In this package I will spend more time with you in really tackaling those unwanted blocks and triggers that slow you down. You want to acheive your best, but if we are not letting go of our fears, we slow down. Each week we will embrace your fears head on! We will work towards setting you up to get into attractor mode so that you can manifest and receive the desires of your choice. You will work on a achieving long-term goal, and I will be giving you all that is needed to make it get going! Let me assist you in making magic happen.

We start the session with a 30-minute Psychic Reading so that we can really dig deep into what needs to be worked on

Meetings will be scheduled on a weekly basis dependant upon payment plan.