Dana is available for large group events such as Psychic and Spirit Medium Demonstrations; as well as Guest Speaking for all your events.

Dana brings her MOTIVATIONAL and goofy attitude to all events and so expect to attend a fun atmosphere. Dana brings her personal life  experiences and INTUITION to create a movement and with it, change within the people around her. Dana is an INTUITIVE and MANIFESTATION COACH. She know’s how to reach deep into people’s story and pull out the potential from within. Be ready for MOVEMENT, MOTIVATION AND MEMORIES, as you bring Dana in to assist a shift in greater consciousness.

If you would like to learn more about Dana, simply visit her bio to gain a better understanding of the movement she is creating with her students and clients.

On-going &

upcoming events

upcoming events

Psychic & Spirit Mediumship Development Circle

Join myself and my fellow students every Monday Evening for a wonderful practice of development. No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or, advanced in your practice, this circle is a place for you to hone in on your skills whilst surrounded with lot’s of unconditional LOVE and SUPPORT. I work with every student, within their own individual level, to take them to their next stage of advancement. 

Join now and receive tons of FREE CONTENT and EXTRA FREE WORKSHOPS!!!

You’ll be surprised at what you are able to accomplish with your abilities when I show you the way. It’s time to expand beyond your comfort zone.