Dana Preshous

Psychic Medium & Intuitive Life Coach

Connecting you to your loved ones in spirit and to get you to step into your own healing journey. 

Dana Preshous

Psychic Medium & Intuitive Life Coach

Connecting you to your loved ones in spirit and to get you to step into your own healing journey. 



Life Coaching

Are you ready to begin a journey of self-discovery? Allow me to guide you into a better feeling lifestyle and experience. I am here to give you divine knowledge and guidance on your life path. Get ready to start your journey. Take my hand and surrender into divine guidance with me and your Spirit Guides. Let this life be your best life.

Psychic & Mediumship Development

Hone in on your gifts, and take your abilities to the next level. Whether you are a beginner who is still trying to understand your connection, or someone who want’s to advance beyond your current level of abilities, there are options available for everyone!

Spirit Readings

If you’re here then you may be ready to take that step in communicating with your loved ones. Speaking to those in HEAVEN continues to teach me so much about life. It is my greatest joy to assist in bringing peace and healing to you on your journey, as well as hopefully close a chapter that is ready to HEAL.

Psychic Readings

My practice of giving Psychic Readings is always for your HIGHEST AND HEALING GOOD. I’m a straight shooter and I’m ready to guide you to create a more joyful life. Let’s go into your past, your present and your future and let’s begin to clear your path. And if you’re truly ready, I’ll coach you into a greater LEAP OF CHANGE!


Welcome. Are You Ready?

welcome, are you ready?

You made it to a safe and sacred place. I happy to be of service to you and look forward to working with you.

I’m Dana Preshous, a Certified Psychic Medium, Spiritual Advisor and Life Coach. I’m here to connect you to your loved ones in Heaven and show you evidence of how life continues for those on the other side.

I will also guide you in your life path with HEALING, as well as take you to a place of EMPOWERMENT & MANIFESTATION. With my connection to Spirit, I will guide you through doors you never knew were there. Let’s break down those walls! TRANSFORMATION occurs when you embrace yours fears.

I had gone to Dana not knowing what to expect. She was the first medium I talked to. I had reassurance finally that people that had passed on knew still what was going on. We recorded our session, I showed my family and realized the confusing messages and details I didn’t understand was actually for my family to understand! What a beautiful gift she gave us.

Ariana Pearson
I could never say enough good things about my reading. It was a true gift to me and to my family, and close friends. I will definitely be booking more in the future when I’m ready. This gift was truly & indescribably invaluable. Dana was so warm & helpful to me in my nervousness & unfamiliarity with readings. She fully explained everything to me and made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend to anyone who would be looking for some closure or connection with people who have passed.​
Megan Holybee



I am excited to share with you private one-on-one mentoring to help you develop into your own abilities. By working in a private setting, your studies become individualized. Your sessions will be tailored to fit your level of practice. This program is a weekly practice where you will be pushed to possible levels of discomfort. Psychic and Mediumship is a practice that requires full attention and an Ego Free environment. If you are truly ready to commit to the practice and are open to learning how to grow as a Psychic or Medium then this private study will be of great benefit to you.


Allow me to to get you connected!

Various Packages Available

Spiritual Development School

spiritual development school

I am so honored to now provide a place for you to begin, or advance in your Spiritual and Personal development. My school covers all aspects of education from learning more about your Intuition, Psychic Abilities, Spirit Mediumship Development, as well as a DEEP DIVE into Coaching Programs that are available.

We all have the opportunity to connect to altered states of consciousness and grow into our gifts. I believe it is our inherent ability to expand our mind into the connection’s of the soul. All it takes is an awareness that it is available to you, to begin to push the boundaries of the current self into the greater version of who you know yourself to be.

The Deep Dive / Self-Help Guided Journal


The Self-Help Guided Journal is a spiritually guided experience to help you on the path of healing and growth. If you want to MANIFEST a better life, you must do the healing work to achieve it!

This beautifully designed Guided Healing Journal is a great companion for The Deep Dive Program, or it can be used as a stand-alone workbook.



The Deep Dive Self-Help Guided Journal PDF


Psychic & Intuitive Development Manual PDF


Deep Dive Blog Posts

the deep dive

The Deep Dive is a weekly series dedicated to teaching you how to focus on healing your story so that you can manifest the hell outa life!


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