Psychic & Intuitive Development Manual


Are you wanting to practice your own development?

We all understand how life can sometimes take up a lot of your own time and so if you are unable to take a class but would still like to study intuitive development then you have the opportunity to do so with the following book.

We all have intuition and for some of us it is just lying dormant but yet all it takes is a little time, practice and trust in order to develop this natural gift. So take time out for yourself and allow your natural state to come to the surface.


This manual includes various meditations, exercises, games and other techniques in which to develop your intuition. You will also find included a brief history on the subject of Psychics as well as knowledge to help give you a better understanding of your own unique gifts. Use this manual to help find your strengths, to enhance your already found abilities or to simply assist you in becoming more self-aware. This is an easy to read book that will make you feel more at ease with your natural abilities.