The Deep Dive Self-Help Guided Journal


Sometimes we need a little push and direction to motivate the journey of manifestation. Dana noticed a pattern with clients who struggled with journaling. A common question that she would hear, would be “What do I write?!” So, with that in mind, she decided to create this workbook. As with The Deep Dive Program, this journal runs the course of 10 -weeks but ultimately you get to decide when to use it. This Journal encourages you to dig a little deeper, all whilst feeling supported in the process. With Dana’s knowledge as a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Transformational Coach, you get to experience the process of building your connection with your HIGHER SELF. So, get ready to dive deep into spiritual growth and TRANSFORMATION!!! Your life is waiting for you to say, YES!!


The Self-Help Guided Journal is a spiritually guided experience to help you on the path of healing and growth. If you want to MANIFEST a better life, you must do the healing work to achieve it! This beautifully designed Guided Healing Journal is a great companion for The Deep Dive Program, or it can be used as a stand-alone workbook. The pages contain questions, exercises, as well as inspiration to help pull you through the process of discovery.